Hey, I’m Bartek

I’ve been reading, listening, thinking, writing, building, and investing on the Internet since 1997. Currently building ProofsProofs - an AI Agent building full-stack apps on top of APIs.

I also invest in early-stage founders building companies at the frontiers of progress. My current areas of interest are AI, infrastructure, open source, and deep tech.

Invested in over 15 companies, including:

Eleven LabsZetalabsKickRampVue Storefront

Often investing with my Pucek Capitalangel syndicate. Previous co-investors include a16z, Sequoia, OpenAI Fund, Nat Friedman, Daniel Gross, and others.

Sharing what I have learned by writing a Pucek Newsletterweekly newsletter since 2018.

Through the years I have helped teams and leadership to understand the intersection of business and tech at companies like:


Here are some principles I believe in and some books I read.